hello there

i am gavin.  i design*


email me    hello@iamgavin.com

call me        +447801255406

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in addition to his core skill of interior design gavin has an interesting portfolio

of experience, including building surveying and graphic design, resulting in a

good cross section of experience, both technically and creatively.


although primarily based in london gavin has international experience via a

variety of projects across europe, the middle east, asia and america.


at any one time gavin can be involved in projects ranging from innovative

educational environments of 2,000sqft to design thinking and master-planning

media organisations of over 1,000,000sqft.


active in all aspects of design - briefing, conceptual and detailed design - gavin's

interdisciplinary experience brings a knowledge and understanding to the fuller

process of design which allows him to think from a different perspective.  this includes

writing about himself in the third person.


he also enjoys taking photographs here and there.